Working Parent Worried About Bonding Time

Dear Sara,

I have two kids ages five an seven. I have a job and need to work to pay the bills and feel like my kids don’t get enough of my attention and are getting out of control. I would like to make some New Year’s resolutions to parent my kids in a better way. Do you have some suggestions?


Dear Jordan,

In order for kids to feel secure kids need a certain amount of rules. They may test the limits and try your patience but they feel more secure if you’re in charge. If you say “no” mean it. Don’t let crying or anger manipulate you out of it.

Let them know your value system and be a good example for them.

Give your children some responsibility. They need to know that everything is not all about them.

Be positive in your interactions with your children. Don’t belittle them or put them down. Too much criticism makes them feel bad about themselves. Give them praise when they deserve it(even a little).

Teach them the value of money.

Keep them close. Supervise them as much as possible. Make them your priority.

Tell your children that you love them.

When it’s time, let them go with love. They will eventually want their independence.

Good luck,


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