Workaholic Husband

I am furious at my husband. All he thinks about is work. My son is a great football player and his team will be playing in the championship game soon. Is my husband interested? No! He has been to one game all season and left at halftime. My son and I had to find a way home with my neighbor. He came in later with no word of apology. I know my son is hurt by his neglect but he has accepted the way his father is. I need more than this from my husband. How do I get him to pay attention to us?

Dear Francesca,

It sounds like your son isn’t the only one who feels neglected. Your husband needs to know how seriously his behavior is affecting his family. From what you have said in your letter about how angry you are, I have a feeling that you have already let him know how you feel. It seems that he continues to be a workaholic even though it’s having a negative effect on his wife and son. I doubt that he would take the time to go to marriage therapy with you considering his past behavior. You need to decide whether to stay in a marriage that is making you unhappy or to look at other options. Your son needs to be considered when deciding what to do. He seems more accepting of the situation than you are.


  1. wow! while most wives cant get a husband to stick around and help support their family, or have a good for nothing husband that wont work, or a husband addicted to drugs or alcohol, or a husband that abuses them, or a husband that whores around – you choose to complain about a husband that is working his ass off to support you and your son?!?! I’ll bet other women will line up to take him

  2. David Stovall says:

    Good chance it is more than work. Many women live with it rather than break up. But the break up may happen anyway. Is the time you have together good? If he still loves you and you love him, it may be worth waiting for his attentions to return. If the love is gone, you might start looking elsewhere. The mind will follow the heart.

  3. Why should you or your son expect your husband to waste his valuable time attending or supporting football? Not only is it an idiotic waste of time, but also the participation in it has caused multiple injuries. When do you and your son spend time doing what your husband wants to do?

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