Wild Teenage Son

Dear Sara,

My fourteen year old son is completely wild. I have no control over him at all. His father left us when he was five and he has done whatever he wanted since then. If I don’t give him what he wants, he hits me and thinks that the support money his father sends should be all his to spend. I love my son but this is getting to be more than I can deal with. How should I handle this?

Dear Edie,

Your son shouldn’t be allowed to abuse you. If he does it again, call the police. He’s a bully and learning fast that this is the way to get what he wants. It’s teaching him that it’s OK to hit a woman.

His father needs to assume some responsibility here. Maybe this is what your son wants and needs, attention from his father. If this isn’t possible then let your son know that if he doesn’t behave that you will go to court and put him in states care. This is called tough love. Your son seems to be intent on destroying his relationship with you. If his goal is to be with his father and his father rejects him, things could get worse.

If possible find a therapist that you can talk to and see if you can find some better ways to deal with your son. Good luck


  1. tracey Gonzales says:

    WHAT?! Next time he lays a hand on you, you pick up the Damn phone and call 911! That is NOT okay. He will thank you later for putting him in his place, YOU are the parent, HE is the child!! Remind him of that when ever you have to. You may not want to call the police on him but the alternative is him hitting you and in his relationships with his girlfriends/wives or treating you and his girlfriends/ wives with respect, you make sure he is opening doors for ANYONE also. SMH

  2. Definitely call the police if he hits you. You have no idea if this has already affected other relationships and it will only escalate. See if an adult male family member will start hanging with him. Or find a big brother program or mentor program. Even my small community has a teen center where kids can get help even if they don’t think they need it. Finally check into a program Steve Harvey runs in different states around the country. It is for boys I think from 12 to 17 who have a single mother and is a stay at 4 or 5 day camp for boys who need guidance. Awesome mentoring camp and at low or no cost. He does amazing things with these young men. Good luck!

  3. Thomas Schuler says:

    That kid needs his Butt kicked. If I were you I’d send his butt to military school.

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