/Why this Wife is Harassing her Husband
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Why this Wife is Harassing her Husband

Dear Sara,

I work in a very stressful job and I need to have some peace and quiet when I come home. My wife decided that she would stay at home with our two kids until they were in school. She starts in on me as soon as I come in the door with all of the things that she thinks I have done or not done. I have tried to talk to her but it usually ends up in an argument. If I don’t answer her she turns to the kids and tells them what a bad person I am. I don’t want to leave her as I feel that kids need two parents. What can I do to keep her from harassing me like this?

Dear Don,

Even though your wife has chosen to stay home with the kids it looks like she was not cut out to be isolated from people and activities that this included. Instead of ignoring her or shutting her out, ask her to write down a list of the things she would like done or changed and answer her in writing as well. In your answer include that you love her and the children and want a marriage that you are both satisfied with. Leave a note for her in the morning and let her know that you care about her and your children.