/Why Isn’t My Daughter Washing Her Hair?

Why Isn’t My Daughter Washing Her Hair?

Dear Sara,

I am having problems getting my twelve year old daughter to wash her hair. She is pretty and has a great personality but doesn’t seem to be interested in her personal hygiene. She will lie and say she has washed her hair when she hasn’t. What can I do to motivate her?

Dear Hope,

What you need to think about is why your daughter is behaving this way. Does she clean up when she is going to her friend’s house or is this something that she isn’t doing in order to get your attention? Usually at this age girls tend to get very picky about the way they look. They are beginning to want to impress their girl friends or attract the attention of some boy.
Your daughter may not be aware that when she neglects her hair or body that she doesn’t smell good to others. Also clean shiny hair that smells good is definitely attractive.  Try to explain these things to her. Also be willing to help her pick out a shampoo that appeals to her.

A lack of interest in her appearance could be a sign of depression. If you sense that she is depressed then you might consider scheduling an appointment with her pediatrician so she can be checked out.