Child Refusing Food

What to do if Your Child Won’t Eat

Dear Sara,

I am really worried about my two-year-old son. He hardly eats anything at all. He seems to have lots of energy and runs from one thing to another but I can’t get him to eat anything. He will eat sweets and junk food but I don’t think this is good for him. His pediatrician says that he is healthy and not to worry but I just can’t help it. How can I get him to eat?

Dear Audrey,

You definitely have the right idea in not giving your son junk food. These things might put weight on him but it’s not going to be healthy for him to get used to eating like that. Sometimes kids his age will limit themselves to a few things that they like. Don’t expect him to like everything or expect him to eat as much as you do. He’s a lot smaller. Offer him a choice of foods and if you don’t think he’s getting enough nutrition add some vitamins. As. long as he is active and healthy he will be better off growing up thin. You could cause more problems by focusing on how much your son eats. If he’s hungry he will eat. Trust your pediatrician and try to relax your vigilance a bit.

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