Wanting To Dress To Impress

Dear Sara,

I am sixteen years old and I have been invited to a party at my friend’s house. They have a lot of money and a big house. My parents love me and want me to be happy but they barely get by from month to month. I really don’t have anything to wear to this party. All my friends are going and I want to go too but I feel like I would be the only one there without flashy clothes. What should I do?

Dear Molly,

Teens seem to be into high dollar jeans and think labels are important but the most important thing is your personality. If your hair is clean and shiny and you have on a pretty pair of earrings and your personality sparkles, no one will notice what you are wearing. If you want to fit in, be kind to your friends and be willing to listen if they have a problem. They probably know your circumstances and really don’t care.


  1. If you’re clean and carry yourself with dignity, that’s all you need. Teenage girls tend to be shallow and worry way too much about “fashion”. If your friends judge you solely and what you wear, they’re not worthy of being called friends.

  2. Mark Faith says:

    It is hard to imagine, but in another 16 years you will be choosing your friends and not the other way around. Being popular is a feature of being young. It weights less heavily the older you get. Being concerned about the way you look is about impressing others. You should think about why this is important for you ? Real friends don’t need to be impressed, they will like you for who you are. If you are concerned about your looks as far as being physically attractive to others, 16 is too young to be thinking that way. Give yourself a few more years.

  3. Charlotte Pscion says:

    You are living under a rock, Molly! Kids these days care about their physical appearance starting at age 5.
    I would suggest that this young lady just learn to love herself. Nevermind what your ‘friend’s have or don’t have. You will ALWAYS find those more fortunate than you but by the same token, there will be others who have less. Be good. Do good. Be a leader. Be YOU!



    Dear Molly,
    Reading your letter to Sara, I just want to point out how blessed you are to have a father and mother who love you. Family is that rare happening in the USA and also in India where I live. Love and cherish your family and follow the suggestions of both Sara and Mark. God bless you always.
    Vimala Padmaraj 22/12/2018

  5. It’s amazing what you can find at a thrift store. Maybe you’ll find just the thing, and they’ll never know the difference.

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