/Help I’m In A Verbally Abusive Marriage

Help I’m In A Verbally Abusive Marriage

Dear Sara,

I’ve been a stay at home Mom since my first baby was born ten years ago. My two boys are eight and ten and I have enjoyed being a full time Mom. My husband has been really critical of me lately calling me a “fat slob” and lazy. My boys are old enough to be aware of his disrespect and I worry about it as much for their sake as for mine. I could get a job but I feel I’m needed more at home. What should I do? – Jo Ellen

Jo Ellen,

Nobody should be disrespected so you are right to be concerned about it. I wondering why you don’t seem to be angry about this. What is your husband’s agenda here? Does he feel better by belittling you? Are you in a financial bind where he feels overwhelmed and needs help? Is he concerned about your weight and wants you to look better and be healthier?
Let your husband know how you feel and see if you can determine what his motive is for disrespecting you. If he can tell you what the problem is then you can work things out together. If he can’t be respectful then you may need some professional counseling to work things out. If he won’t go with you then go on your own. Don’t let this go on until your self esteem is in the toilet. -Sara