/Unfaithful Husband

Unfaithful Husband

Dear Sara,

I have been divorced from Joe (not his real name) for four years now. We have a five-year-old son and a seven-year-old daughter. He seems to have a different girlfriend every month now and the reason I divorced him was because he was unfaithful several times that I know about. He lives with his mother now and has the kids every other weekend. They are crazy about him. Last weekend when he brought the kids home he spent Sunday night here. The kids were thrilled to find him here Monday morning. He said that he still loves me and wants us to get back together again. He promised me that he would never cheat again. I don’t trust him but I want my kids to be happy. What should I do?

Mary Kate

Dear Mary Kate,

If you and your husband got back together again, what would your life look like? Your kids would be happy. You would probably be happy for a while until the rosy glow wore off and then what? Even if Joe didn’t cheat, you would be constantly worried and checking up on him. He would probably get angry when he felt you didn’t trust him and then what would happen if he really did cheat on you again? You need to ask yourself these questions. Think about seeing a therapist who can help you sort all of this out before you make a decision. Another breakup would be very hard on your kids.