Two-Year-Old Son Is A Little Escape Artist

Dear Sara,

My two-year-old son is getting to be quite a little escape artist. If he sees any opportunity he will take off. He also likes to climb and will get up before we do in the morning and pull a chair up and get the cereal box out and help himself. So far he hasn’t been hurt but I am very concerned. He seems to think of things that I haven’t even considered. How can I stay ahead of him?


Dear Carrie,

Your son seems very active so you are right to be concerned. At this point, you can begin to set limits and reward his good behavior and give consequences for his bad behavior but you also have to make your home baby proof. Since your son is so active you might start by putting the chain/slide lock at the top of your exterior doors. This will prevent him from going outside when you aren’t looking. They also make childproof locks for kitchen cabinets. You can install them in the kitchen and bathroom. If you don’t mind him eating cereal before you get up, you could leave it out where he won’t have to climb to get it,

You need to be especially concerned about locking up medications. Kids like baby aspirin, chewable vitamins, and cough meds. Sometimes even picky eaters will eat colorful pills. Your caution in this area could save you a scary trip to the ER to have your son’s stomach pumped. One more thing to think about. Since your son likes to climb, if you have a heavy bookcase you might want to bolt it to the wall so that he can’t pull it over on himself.

Two-year-olds are really cute and can be a lot of fun but they have no idea of danger. Keeping him safe can be a real challenge. Good luck.


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