Two Year Old Is “A Holy Terror”

Dear Sara,

My two-year-old is what might be called a “holy terror.” He got up before I did an went outside naked to play. Luckily one of the neighbors spotted him and brought him home. I now make sure the doors are locked and I have a gate on his bedroom door. I’m a stay at home Mom but he seems to figure out ways to evade me and get into everything. He still takes a nap every day so I have a little time to do things but I am exhausted. How can I get him to calm down?


Dear Julie,

Two-year-olds can be very demanding and yours seems to top the charts. A lot of kids like to be read to, so if he gets too active, sit down with him and see if you can get him interested in a story. Try to take him for a walk every day so he gets plenty of exercise. You may need to invest in a harness for little kids so he doesn’t escape and get hurt.

All of his activity and curiosity are a good sign that he is very bright and interested in everything and wants to know what is going on. If he doesn’t calm down by school-age then check with your pediatrician to see if he might have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He may have trouble paying attention in school. There is medication for this.


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