Trying To Work With Kids At Home – HELP!

Dear Sara,

Because of the Coronavirus I am stuck at home with four kids. I have played games with them and tried to keep them entertained but I still have to work remotely. While I am working they get into fights and otherwise demand my attention. I am losing patience with them and don’t know how much more of this I can take. What can I do to make this at home thing more manageable?

Dear Trudi,

It sounds like you’re doing pretty well except for when you have to work. Sit down with your kids and work out a daily schedule. You might consider only letting them watch TV when you are working. That way it will be a treat rather than the usual. If there is something they really like for you to do with them, use that as a reward for being cooperative while you work. There also needs to be some negative things that will happen if they don’t cooperate. Your older kids might be able to entertain the younger ones for a while if you give them some extra allowance. Hang in there.

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