Terrible Twos

Dear Sara,

My son started walking at age 18 months. He’s two now and he hasn’t stopped since except to sleep. He goes from one thing to another pulling things out of drawers and cabinets and putting anything that fits into his mouth. If I need to go to the bathroom I put him in his crib and he screams and cries the entire time. I have put away anything breakable but he still finds things to get into. I am worried that he will eventually get hurt. How can I keep him safe?

Dear Liane,

Your son sounds like a very bright boy who wants to know about everything. I hope you have safety proofed your house with things like covers for electric outlets and latches for your kitchen cabinets.

He probably needs at least one room where you can put gates on the doors that is completely child proof. If he has a box full of toys there where he can pull things out and play with a short time, this might keep him busy for a while. If you change things in the box from time to time it may keep him interested. If he wants to be in the kitchen with you then keep things in cabinets or drawers at his level stocked with things that he can’t get hurt on.

If he’s that busy you might want to use a harness when you take him out to the park or for a walk. Kids that age can be really impulsive. They are so cute at that age but they can be really tiring.

Good luck.

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