Teen Daughter’s Friend Is Pregnant… What Can I Do?

Dear Sara,

My sixteen-year-old daughter has confided in me that her friend (also sixteen) thinks she is pregnant. I am not supposed to tell anyone. I want to keep my daughter’s confidence but I feel like this girl’s mother needs to know what is going on. Do I tell her Mom and risk losing my daughter’s faith in me or should I just stay out of it?

Dear Lauren,

Your daughter’s girlfriend probably should confide in her mother but for some reason doesn’t feel safe in doing this. If she really is pregnant, this will probably happen any way because she will need adult help. You are right to want to keep your daughter’s trust in you but this involves another mother’s child. She has a right to know what is going on. Why don’t you get the girls together and have a serious talk with them about the need to have her parents for support if she really is pregnant. If she refuses then you could let her know that if she hasn’t told them within a week or ten days then your responsibility is to let them know what is going on. This will seem harsh to the pregnant teen but being a parent sometimes means making difficult decisions.
Good luck,


  1. Stay out of it

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