Teaching Son To Be Disrespectful

Dear Sara,

When my child comes home after seeing his father he is very disrespectful to me. He won’t get ready for bed or for school and refuses to eat the dinner I make. His father puts me down in front of my child and has asked him to bring him a beer. What should I do?

Dear Keely,

I have a feeling that your son’s father was disrespectful to you when you were together and now he continues by encouraging your son to be like him and disrespect you. It is up to you to set limits with your son and keep his father’s influence out of your home. You have to be strong. If your son disobeys you don’t hesitate to give him a consequence. Tell him if he does not go to bed when you tell him that he will not get to watch TV the next night. Have a consequence for any time that he refuses to do what he is supposed to do. If you back down he will think that his father is right and that he can control you. You can’t do anything about what his father thinks or says, you can only insist that your son obey your rules and respect you. Don’t give in.


  1. How old is the kid? This has a bearing of how he needs to be handled. Respect is not given, it must be earned. Maybe you need to look at yourself first before you start blaming the dad. It’s possible that YOU’RE the problem and that’s why he left you in the first place.

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