I’m Struggling To Breastfeed…

Dear Sara,

I have a brand new baby girl. I so wanted to nurse her but I just don’t have enough milk. She was crying and hungry all of the time. My friends have all been successful at nursing so I feel like such a failure. This was really important to me because I wanted a special bond between me and my baby. Can I get that bond without breastfeeding?

Dear Andrea,

Breastfeeding is nature’s way of making sure a baby survives. Mom’s bond with their baby because of natural instinct and the hormones that go along with pregnancy. You can still have that closeness with your baby if you hold her and cuddle her when she takes her bottle. Think of it this way, your husband can also share in holding and cuddling your baby especially at 2:00 AM when you are exhausted. Your love for your baby is very important to her emotional and physical health. She can still have lots of love even if you give her a bottle to meet her nutritional needs.

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