Sqealing 9 Month Old

Dear Sara,

My nine-month-old daughter has started squealing. When she wants something or just wants to make noise she lets out a high pitched squeal that will just about knock your socks off. You can see people cringe when we take her out. How can I get her to stop this?

Dear Ken,

I’m sorry to say it will be difficult to get your daughter to stop squealing. She has learned that this is a good way to get your attention and get what she wants. She apparently likes the sound of her own voice. You can try speaking very softly to her and turning away from her when she squeals. This might work as babies like to have your attention (if you try to shush her this is giving her attention). Don’t ignore her at other times though, just pay more attention to her when she makes noises that you like. The good thing is that she will grow out of this. The bad part is that it could take a couple of years. She has found out that she can manipulate her world by squealing so she may not be willing to give it up.


  1. Robin Hubbard says:

    As a 2 year old preschool teacher, I got grunts and groans and more from children with begging faces and pointing fingers. I quickly learned to coach children in what to say, how to ask for something, how to express emotions so they would not resort to biting and many other problem behaviors. By that age, they learn quickly but even younger can be told to say “please” and point or something less annoying. And, another tip, when they would make messes, I learned to ALWAYS get them to help. Yes, they were less helpful than if I did it myself but it teaches them to clean up, help out, move chairs or what ever while you do the majority of it at this age and they get better at helping really quick, believe me. By the end of the year, they really were helping more than they were making the mess bigger.

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