Spoiled Little Angel

Dear Sara,

I have a four year old granddaughter. If she doesn’t get her way she talks back and just keeps on the same subject until she gets her way. You can tell her to do something and she will have a number of reasons why she can’t and will not follow instructions. Her Mom always gives her two choices and Dad does not have a lot of input so she does not listen to him at all. I need help on how to discipline this little angel!

Dear Evelyn,

Your little angel has figured out how to get her way and her parents are cooperating quite nicely. As long as she is getting her way, her behavior isn’t going to change. What your granddaughter’s parents need to realize is the importance of teaching their daughter to respect them. By letting her get away with disrespect now they may be faced with a very uncooperative disrespectful teen. Do they want your help? If they think that their way is the right way, then you really don’t have any authority here. They are in charge and will parent the way they see fit.
If your granddaughter stays with you a lot then you may be able to influence her behavior by not giving in to her when she refuses to cooperate and providing a consequence when she is disrespectful, She will probably behave better for you than her parents but they will be the main influence on her behavior.