Son’s New Girlfriend

Dear Sara,

My son is fourteen years old and has a girlfriend. She calls him all of the time and wants him to meet her. She won’t leave him alone. If I answer the phone I tell her he’s not here. I don’t know what to do to discourage this little vixen. Any suggestions?

Dear Meredith,

Your son seems fairly passive in all this drama. At fourteen he is probably interested in girls but mostly from a distance. The fact that this young lady is pursuing him could well be a turn-off to him. Kids this age get infatuated often but it usually doesn’t last long. Since they need transportation it will be difficult for them to get together. I wouldn’t be surprised if this little case of puppy love will be over soon. If you try to interfere you may make it seem more important than it is. Just be patient and wait for the break-up.


  1. It didn’t occur to you to communicate to this mother about referring to a 14 young girl as a “vixen”? Really?

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