Smart Child Bad Grades

Dear Sara,

My son is very bright but doesn’t do his homework so he gets really bad grades on his report card. He would rather play video games or watch TV. He has games and TV in his room and will say that he is doing homework when he is playing games. I think he will need good grades to get into college no matter how smart he is. What should I do about this?

Dear Darla,

Not only does your son need better grades to get into college, he needs to be able to learn to discipline himself and do the work that needs to be done rather than what he wants to do. He may be smart but won’t get any place in life if he’s not willing to do the work required to be successful.

I know that he will complain loudly but the TV and games need to be removed from his room until his grades improve. After that he can have his equipment back but only if he does his homework and his grades are where they need to be. As long as he is in your home, you are in charge and he has to follow your rules. It sounds like he probably won’t do homework unless you take charge and don’t let him get away with being lazy.


  1. Yup. It’s called parenting

  2. Randy T says:

    Be the MOTHER!

  3. Jose Cortez says:

    Dear, Sara.
    One of my seven sons has done the same and even worst, since cell phone usage and games is all he wants to do. I had no choice, but to set things in concrete. I gave him 3yrs before he turns 18 to do what he is needs to do, since is not my future but his.

  4. What Sara said! Step up and PARENT this kid, and the sooner the better!

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