Single Dad Needs Help With Teen Daughter

Dear Sara,

I am a single Dad and my eleven-year-old daughter wants a bra. At this point, there is definitely no need for one but she argues and complains that she does need a bra. How do I handle this?

-Confused Dad

Dear Confused Dad,

Preteen girls are often on an emotional roller coaster and everything seems super important to them. This is just the beginning so try to be patient with her needs and wants. Your daughter may have some difficulty talking to you about her reasons for needing a bra. A bra is kind of like a status symbol and says that she is becoming a young woman. She probably wants a bra because her friends are getting them. They actually sell bras for preteens.

At this point it’s important enough to her that you could let her win this battle and for you to hold the line on more important things. Just because you give in here doesn’t mean you have to give in all of the time.Take your daughter to a good department store and let the sales lady help her pick out something suitable.

Good luck.


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