Should I Call Child Protective Services?

Dear Sara,

I am a stay at home Mom. I am the oldest daughter in a family of four children. My younger brother is married to a very immature girl and they have two children ages one and three. I keep these two children when their mother has an appointment or has to go somewhere. The three-year-old has bruises up and down his legs and the one-year-old has bite marks from their dog. I know their Mom sleeps until noon every day. My problem is whether to report them to Child Protective Services or not. What should I do? Please don’t use my name.

Dear Anon,

If you are concerned about these children and feel that this is ongoing neglect that you are witnessing, then you would be wise to contact CPS. Children tend to be very creative in getting into things when left on their own. The bruises are also causes for concern. Children often fall and bruise themselves. Since you have children of your own you would be a good judge of what is out of the ordinary. If the situation doesn’t seem right to you, then go ahead and have Child Protective Services check it out. You can do this without giving your name. Maybe your brother and his wife need a wake-up call as to the safety of their children.


  1. Robin Hubbard says:

    I faced a similar situation but there was drug paraphanalia and the mother beat the child in front of me and threatened to stay home and beat him all night. I called the state hotline. It took about a week before they contacted her. I was the childcare teacher who babysat the child off hours. I told the head of the center who protected me. The grandmother wanted to talk to me and we agreed. She took custody. A few years later, I ran into the two and he was still with grandma while the mother was in and out of rehab and jail. But, it worked out. You can be anonymous reporting them. Sure, the mother knew I was the only one who witnessed the event so she knew I reported her but it worked out the best for the child.

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