Should I Buy My Kids A New Car?

Dear Sara,

My daughter is seventeen and has had a driver’s license for less than a year. She and her brother shared an older car and could use it for going to school and school-related events. She backed out of the driveway without looking and was broadsided by a car going down the street. Luckily no one was hurt. The car is not worth fixing up so they are having to ride the school bus and I have to take them to school events. Sometimes they ride with friends and I am not comfortable with that. She and her brother are pestering me to get them another car. Not only will I have to pay for the car but will have to pay the insurance on it. What’s the best way to deal with this?

-Aggravated Mom

Dear Mom,

You are so lucky your daughter and the other driver are OK. I hope she has learned a lesson. You might think about waiting for a while to purchase another car so the lesson sinks in. If they get an allowance or babysitting money they should be responsible for gas in the car and whatever else they can afford. Let your kids know how much things cost. They need to be prepared for when they are on their own.


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