Seperation And Children

Dear Sara,

I have been in a relationship with the same man for five years. He is divorced and has two little girls ages six and eight. We spend most weekends as a family and I love these two girls like I am their Mom.The problem is I no longer love their father. When he drinks too much he gets really disgusting and I can’t deal with it. I have separated from him but it’s difficult because of the way I feel about the girls. If I want to see them I have to deal with their father. I’m not their mother so I have no right to see them. What should I do?

Dear Kelly,

If you want to visit these girls then you either have to deal with their father or find a friend who could act as an intermediary. This is probably going to be really hard for both you and the girls. You don’t want them to think you have abandoned them so keep trying to see them from time to time. They need to know that you care about them but it’s going to be really difficult if their father won’t cooperate. I hope you will find someone that you love and can have your own children. Sounds like you would make a great Mom.

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