School Dance Concerns

Dear Sara,

Our fifteen year old daughter wants to go to a school dance with a group of her friends. One of the boys can drive and plans to take them and bring them home. She said that the dance is over at ten and they will probably go out to eat afterward but she doesn’t know what time they will get home. Should we take her and pick her up? She said that she would rather stay home than do that.

Dear Ron,

There are a few questions that you could ask yourself to decide whether or not to let your daughter go out with this group. The first one might be “has my daughter given me any reason not to trust her?” Does she ever lie to you to get around your rules? Is she usually dependable? What do you know about the driver of the car? Is he a safe driver or has he been known to be reckless? You might want to talk to his parents. Are there drugs or alcohol in the neighborhood or school? The police department might know about this.

The problem is that you can’t protect her every minute and she will eventually have to learn to use her own judgement. If everything checks out and you feel that the situation is not too risky you might want to consider lettingĀ  her go with her friends but give her the option of calling you to bring her home if she feels unsafe or uncomfortable.

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