Protecting My Son From Pornography

Dear Sara,

I found some really graphic sex magazines under the bed in my twelve-year-old son’s room. I was really shocked that he would have something like this. I haven’t confronted him yet and don’t really know how to handle this. I don’t want this kind of thing in my home. Should I confront him or just let it go?

Dear Andrea,

Apparently you feel pretty strongly about this. These types of magazines are demeaning to women because they portray them as sex objects and you want a healthier outlook for your son. Your son, however, has a natural curiosity about how women look without their clothes on and how the female body works. He may not feel safe about this so he is trying to find out on his own.

Since you feel strongly about this sort of material, as a parent you can confront your son and let him know that you realize that he is curious but that the material that he has chosen is inappropriate and that you don’t want him to get a wrong idea about women. He is still going to have that natural curiosity that needs to be satisfied. Go to the bookstore and find some books with a healthier outlook.

Good luck,

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