Preventing Overweight Children

Dear Sara,

I have two kids ages eight and ten and they are beginning to be overweight. They are more interested in TV, computer and phones than actually doing anything physical. Mom also buys junk for them that they can eat whenever they want. I know this is not good for them but I let it go on because I’m not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

Dear David,

It’s time for you to get more involved. The kids need to get out of the house and use their muscles. If nothing else get them out of the house for a walk after dinner two or three times a week. On the weekends maybe you could ride bikes to the park. Try to get your wife involved in the kids’ health and fitness too. Their diet needs to have less high-calorie snacks and more fruit and vegetables. Kids can have the same problems as adults if allowed to become obese. Things like high blood pressure, clogged arteries, breathing difficulties and weak bones caused by a lack of mineral-rich diet and regular exercise. The more overweight your kids become the harder it will be to change things. Get involved now.


  1. Be a parent. Make the little tubbies eat better and be more active. If you set a good example, they will follow.

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