Overwhelmed Mother

Dear Sara,

I am feeling overwhelmed at this point in my life. I have four kids and the youngest has had leukemia. He seems to be responding to medication and things look pretty good right now. My other three want to be in baseball, basketball and ballet plus other school related activities so I feel tired all of the time trying to keep up. My husband is no help as he works in a very demanding job. I feel guilty for wanting a break. What can I do to just have one day off?

Dear Liane,

Look around you for some help. Do you have a Mom or a sister who could take care of things for maybe a half day each week? Maybe some of the other Mom’s in your kids activities could take over for a while with transportation. You need a few hours to yourself so that you can have a cup of coffee and read your book or just watch TV.

Your kids need you but they also need for you to be healthy. Visit your doctor and get a checkup. Your stress level seems pretty high and if you don’t take care of yourself and have some kind of breakdown then your kids would have to do without you. Let your husband know what you are going through. Maybe he could figure out a way to help. You are an important person in your family.

Good luck.

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