Overactive Child

Dear Sara,

I am in my second year of teaching. My first year everything went really well. I am teaching second grade and I have a little boy in my class who is into everything, can’t sit still and seems to crave my attention. He is a really cute little boy and I like him but I can’t spend all of my time with him. I have talked to his parents and they say he’s a handful at home as well. I suggested that he might have attention deficit disorder and maybe some meds would help. They insisted that he’s a normal little boy and he will outgrow this tendency to be hyperactive. What can I do to calm this kid down?

Dear Ada,

It sounds like teaching can have its’ challenges. You could try ignoring his bad behavior as much as possible and give him great praise when you catch him being good. If he wants your attention then he will have to earn it by being a better boy. If his parents choose not to medicate him then you just have to deal with his behavior the best you can.


  1. Softballumpire says:

    I would suggest some specialized testing might be applied. As a sports official and parent, one observation I have made was an association between dyslexia and hyperactivity. While my anecdotal examples are small and many are family members, habitual medication led to habitual drug use. My wife was tested as dyslexic. My brother was diagnosed when he was in his late 50′s. My youngest daughter was diagnosed in her preteens. One of my brother’s children is diagnosed as well. At least ruling out dyslexia is worth the effort

  2. Putting a child on medication just because he is more active than other children in the early grades is so very wrong… There are many reasons why a child may seem “hyper” in school – one, is lack of attention at home; another is that he or she doesn’t get enough physical activity at home – perhaps because of 2 working parents ; the child could have a sugar problem – a sort of “high” from what he was given for breakfast; or it could be that he is just a very smart child and is very inquisitive. There are so many reasons to be thankful for this type of child – at least you know he is not sickly !! or sleepy!! or just plain disinterested in things going on around him! Don’t listen to the medicine pushers – they have been wrong so many times and have over-medicated many children in the US and put them on a life-long search for drugs for every little problem !! Medicine should be a last resort and only necessary if confirmed necesary by more than one doctor.

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