Toddler Throwing Temper Tantrum

Out-of-Control Toddler

Dear Sara,

I am totally frustrated. I have a two year old son who is determined to do the opposite of what I want. If he doesn’t get his way he screams and kicks at me. I can’t take him any place because he will usually pitch a fit at the worst possible time. How can I get him to be more cooperative?

Dear Gilda,

Your son sounds like a real handful. He’s really strong willed so you will have to equally strong willed. If you ever let him have his way when he acts like this he will take this as encouragement and that he is winning. Your job is to be firm and consistent and don’t let him get away with this behavior. Try to find little things to reward him when he does cooperate and ignore as much of his tantrum as you can. Eventually he will realize that what he is doing to try to control you isn’t working.

If you let him get away with this behavior now, he will be much harder to control as he gets older.

Good luck,