Our Son Is Addicted to Drugs

Dear Sara,

Our seventeen-year-old son is really giving us a hard time. He has quit going to school and I’m sure he is using drugs. He has taken things of ours to pawn and stolen money from our wallets. I hate to see him waste his life like this. He says he won’t cooperate if we send him to a drug rehab. He wrecked our car twice and is not allowed to drive it but he sometimes will wait until we go to bed and sneak out with our car. We feel that he is totally out of control. How can we help him?

Dear Deanna,

How sad for your son that he has lost control of his life to drugs. You may have to take a “tough love” approach. He is using you to continue his drug abuse. If he wants to stay in your home then you have to set some limits. It’s either give up the drugs and go to rehab or find somewhere else to live.

You may have to pack his bags and change the locks on your home. Even though you are not actively cooperating in his drug abuse, he is able to continue because you continue to support him. This will probably be the hardest thing you will ever have to do. His life won’t change though if he can do what he wants without consequences.
Good luck.

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