Jail Cell

My Son Is a Criminal

Dear Sara,

I have never been so upset and disappointed in my life. My son was arrested last week. He apparently robbed a convenience store and knocked out the person who was in charge of the cash register. I did not know what he had done until the police came to search our house. My ex-husband wasn’t a good role model and has been in jail but I tried my best to raise my son the right way. I don’t know what I can do to help my son now.

Dear Marsha,

It sounds like your son has decided that he doesn’t want to follow the rules and be a law abiding citizen. As our children get older they make their own choices. Your son will have to pay for his crime and spend some time in prison. You can only hope that he will learn his lesson and do better when he gets out. It’s out of your hands now. He will be in your thoughts and prayers but you have to get on with your life even though you are grieving.