My Kids are Leaving the Nest – Should We Have Another Baby?

Dear Sara,

My husband and I have been married for almost twenty years. Our four kids are now in their teens and will be off to college and on their own soon. I really would like to have another baby but my husband says “absolutely not.” He said that he wants to do his own thing now and not be tied to changing diapers and kids’ activities. How can I make him see my side of this?


Dear Karen,

Watching your kids leave home is not always an easy time for a Mom. It can be really emotionally painful and you seem to be anticipating this already. You will just be postponing the inevitable by having another baby. Your husband needs to have a say in this also. Apparently he is not willing to make the financial and emotional investment it takes to raise another child. He may want to take things a little easier now that his kids are almost out of the house.

If you can’t make him see your point of view (and he sounds pretty adamant) then you might want to think about other ways to fulfill your maternal instinct. Think about the different facilities that care for children in your area. Check online for volunteer opportunities. There are so many children who could use someone on one help. Put all the skills you have learned to use as a volunteer and let your husband have his time for himself.


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