/My Daughters Hate Each Other

My Daughters Hate Each Other

Dear Sara,

I have two girls ages eleven and thirteen. It seemsĀ  like they hate each other. They have to share a room since we have a two bedroom house. They have drawn a line down the middle of the room and do not allow the other into their space. They argue constantly and sometimes throw things at each other. Because of the Corona virus we are experiencing a lot of togetherness. What can I do to stop the fighting?

Dear Jessica,

What you are describing is fairly normal. The fact that the girls are cooped up together has just made it seem worse. You might be able to find some peace if you can find some sort of family activity like cooking or sewing. See if you can get them interested in card games so they can have their battles over this. As they get older they will probably be best friends. They may even double date and be in each other’s wedding.