Dealing with Teenagers

Dear Sara,

I have a fifteen year old daughter and up until a few months ago she was pretty easy to get along with. She is less apt to talk to me now and when she disagrees with me she does this eye roll thing. I haven’t said anything but it hurts my feelings. What can I do to have a decent relationship with her now?


Dear Rachel,

This is pretty classic behavior for a teenage girl. It’s a way for her to show her disdain for your point of view. Your best way to deal with it is just ignore it. Later you can ask her if there is something that’s making her mad.

While it’s not pleasant for you, it’s her way of growing up and becoming her own person. When she was little she got upset and cried. But now instead of doing that, she doubts you and questions you for not letting her be as grown up as she thinks she is. You still have to set limits and instill respect so she will grow up to the kind of person you want her to be.


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  1. she says that she is an adult, treet her like one, charge her rent,cleaning charges when you have to clean up after her, taxi fees when she wants to go somewhere. that should not take long to reverse the damage of FIX IT LATER. syndrome.

  2. Oh Boy! I certainly know the feeling. Raising 3 girls was a challenge. I did not get hurt at the eye rolling, but I got extremely angry. I have a son who was so easy to raise, and after living with his three sisters, I was happy that he still took a chance on girls 🙂 My way of handling it was to just walk away (won’t tell you what I said under my breath) – sometimes even taking myself out for coffee or ice cream. They do grow up, and when you watch them becoming exasperated with their own children I tell them Karma is great. Just think of wonderful grandchildren coming from them!

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