Mom Wants To Get In Shape

Dear Sara,

I am a stay at home Mom with two preschoolers. I feel like I am really out of shape. I kept about five pounds after each pregnancy and I wasn’t exactly skinny in the first place. Since I am home all day I tend to snack so it is hard for me to lose weight. The only exercise I get is chasing after the kids but I know that’s not enough to make me lose weight. I don’t think I can afford to go to the gym and pay a sitter to watch my two little ones. I feel like my husband is losing interest in me because of the way I look. Any suggestions?

Dear Cathy,

You won’t get very far without some kind of plan. If you have a friend in the same situation it would be good for you to have a buddy to encourage you and compete with.

It sounds like you need to cut back on your food intake. Have you tried counting calories? You should be able to lose weight and get proper nutrition on about 1200 calories a day. It’s not going to be easy but once you get started and lose weight you will feel better about yourself. You can go online or buy a book that tells you how many calories are in the food you eat. Have a notebook and write down what you eat and the calorie count so that you will stick with it.

You do need regular exercise to use up your calories. When the weather is good, walking with the kids is a good way to get rid of calories and the kids will have a good time too. There may be an exercise program on TV in your area or you can buy a CD with a program to follow. Get into a daily routine and try to stick with it.

It’s not going to be easy but it is within your power to change things.


  1. Patrick says:

    Sleep 8 hours a day to raise your leptin hormone level. This is the reason young mothers gain weight.
    Eat smaller meals more often to raise your metabolism.
    Buy a Garmin Vivosmart HR and walk 10,000 steps per day.
    Maybe obtain Scott Isaacs book, “The Leptin Boost Diet:….”

  2. Susan Morris says:

    With all due respect, counting calories alone is rarely the dietary solution. We have had, generally, a flawed model of weight loss for the past two generations. In particular, the low-fat approach to dieting has been disproven: fat doesn’t make you fat; carbohydrates (especially refined) do. I recommend the ketogenic diet: highest in healthy fats (roughly 60 to 75% of calories to cause your body to produce fat-burning ketones), followed by 15 to 35% of calories in protein, followed by only 5 to 10% of carbohydrates. This is the diet that works when others don’t. There are many free, online sources about “going keto.” I would start with,, and Of course, you can just do a browser search on “ketogenic diet” to find other information. And while exercise is important for many reasons, including generally increasing metabolic rate, the amount of calories burned in exercise sessions is not nearly as significant as the metabolic changes that can come from dietary changes. Best wishes from middle-aged mother of eight who has lost over 15 pounds with a keto diet and keto supplements. I’ve also had to work through issues related to hormone balance and insulin resistance. You should check with an integrative medicine physician and do a broad panel of blood work to rule out these and other medical factors. You’re doing the most important work of your life as a mother. Hopefully, you can enlist your husband’s support to help you get healthier. Looking better will naturally follow.

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