Mand And Woman Facing Away From Each Other

Mom in the Middle

Dear Sara,

I have a daughter age ten. Her father and I divorced when she was six and last year I married again. Her stepfather has tried to make friends with her by taking us out to places she likes and buying her presents but nothing seems to work. She has every other weekend with her father and looks forward to it like it is Christmas. This hurts my husband and he is beginning to pull away from her. How can I get my daughter and my husband to be friends?
-Mom in the middle

Dear Mom in the middle,

As long as your husband is gentle and kind your daughter will eventually accept him, maybe not as a father but as a friend. Your daughter probably has not accepted the fact that you are divorced and doesn’t want someone between you and your ex. Be careful not to criticize or say negative things about her father to her because this will make her feel that she has to protect and defend him. She needs to feel comfortable in both households. Let your new husband know that his relationship with your daughter just needs more time.

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