Limits for Teen Drivers

Dear Sara,

My daughter is fifteen, almost sixteen, and is very anxious to drive. I have let her try it out in my car in the parking lot at school and she scares me. She will be eligible for a learners permit soon and I really dread it. She thinks that when she’s a senior she should have her own car. This is not going to happen. I plan to have her take a drivers training class but she thinks this is totally unnecessary. I also feel that I will have less control if she starts to drive and I’m not sure that I can trust her out on her own. She is going to be angry when I set limits on her driving. How do I handle this?

Dear Chuck,

This is your daughter. You have a perfect right to set limits. She has to follow your rules and she will probably be mad at you for a lot of things. This is her way of trying to get her own way. She can either do things your way or no license.

It sounds like she thinks she will be totally independent if she has her own car. How does she plan to pay for it or the gas and insurance? The insurance for teen drivers is probably pretty high. The rate would probably be better if she takes the drivers training class. Your daughter doesn’t sound very mature. You are right to slow her down.

Good luck.

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