Letting Children Go

Dear Sara,

I went to my granddaughter’s graduation last Saturday. A local minister gave a speech and it really upset me. He said that parents need to let their children go and not interfere in their lives. I just don’t think this is good advice. Children need help and guidance. Do you think this is right?

Dear Mary,

Certainly children need their parents help and advice. This has to start the day they are born. We need to pass along out knowledge, morals and values from the beginning and hope that these will be ingrained in them so that they will grow into responsible adults.

As our children grow and mature we give them more and more responsibility for their own lives. We really don’t want them dependent on us forever. If that’s the case, we probably haven’t done a good job of raising them.

It’s really hard to see your kids make mistakes. Sometimes it happens without your help or advice. It’s all part of growing and learning. So when is our job of parenting done? Every family is different. Every child is different. High school graduation is a turning point and some kids are ready for independence and some are not. Every family is unique and different and has to do what’s best for their child.

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