Lack of Funds

Dear Sara,

My two girls, ages nine and eleven, want to go to camp this summer because their friends are going. Because of my husband’s illness and surgery, we really don’t have any extra money. I think this would be good for them because of all the stress around here, but I can’t see any way we can afford this. I feel bad, but what can I do?

Dear Fran,

Your family has been through a lot and I would guess that you daughters are aware of the family’s financial situation. They may be disappointed at not getting to go to camp but they probably won’t be surprised.

Kids at that age can often think up ways to earn their own money. There are some things that they can do like making items to sell. If they like to cook, they could make cupcakes. If they like crafts, they could make jewelry or potholders. If they want to go to camp bad enough maybe they can make it happen. This could be a good lesson for them and teach them that you have to work for what you want. Good luck to them.

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