Keeping Daughter Out Of Trouble

Dear Sara,

My twelve year old daughter is maturing physically very quickly. Apparently she is going to be voluptuous. She doesn’t seem to understand that when she wears short shorts and a low cut blouse that she attracts the wrong kind of attention. She is not allowed to date but she has a boyfriend who rides the same school bus. How can I keep her out of trouble?

Dear Zoe,

Probably the first thing to do is make sure that she understands the “facts of life.” She needs to know what happens to men (especially teen age boys) when they see a young woman who displays herself in a revealing way. She may like the attention but she has to be aware that she could have the reputation of being a girl who is thought of as “easy.”

Try to get her into some activity like sports or ballet or whatever her interest may be so she will have something to occupy her time. Be sure to keep the lines of communication open so that she can talk to you without feeling judged.

Good luck.

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