Job Or Graduate School?

Dear Sara,

I have a daughter in college and she wants to go to graduate school. She will be graduating soon and has already been offered a job. We have paid for her tuition and feel like it’s time for her to go to work and support herself. She says she won’t be able to get the kind of job she wants without at least a Masters degree. Apparently, she’s already applied to several schools. How can I convince her to take the job and forget about graduate school? She’s really stubborn.

Dear Anna,

Apparently, your daughter has made up her mind. This doesn’t mean that you have to pay for her tuition. She needs to figure that out on her own. She has depended on you for four years and should be grateful for your help. If she feels that further education is critical then she will figure out how to pay for it. Lot’s of young people leave school with the debt of student loans. Your daughter is old enough to think for herself. You probably won’t change her mind by refusing to pay for her tuition.


  1. Professional students usually end up as ivory-tower, educational snobs

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