Teenage Boy Playing Video Game

Is Your Son Only Interested in Gaming?

Dear Sara,

I have a fifteen-year-old son who is good-looking and smart. He has a big ego though and thinks he can do no wrong. He has decided not to do his homework even though he knows the subject matter. It appears that he will fail at least two classes this year. He seems to be more interested in gaming than anything else. What can I do to motivate him to try harder in school?

Dear Jen,

Your son seems to have his head in the clouds and isn’t in touch with reality. He needs some really firm parenting right now. You can use his access to his games or computer to make him pay more attention to his school work. If you pay for his computer and service then you have control there. Also at his age, he is probably interested in getting a driver’s license. By denying him access to the things he wants you can motivate him to do better in school. Right now you still have control over the things he wants and needs. Use what you can to keep him more focused on school and less on his interests in outside things.

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