/Is Your Child Anti-Social?

Is Your Child Anti-Social?

Dear Sara,
My five year old daughter does not like to interact with anyone outside the immediate family. I would almost call her antisocial. She goes to daycare and when I have been there to observe, she mostly plays by herself. Her teacher said that if there are group activities she will participate but other than that she tends to play by herself. Is there anything I can do to help her be more social?

Dear Anne,
If your daughter is interacting well within the family then you know that she is able to interact if she chooses. You may want to have some testing done to see if she has a hearing problem or something else that makes her choose to be by herself. She may be able to cope when she is with people she knows better than with strangers if she has some hidden problem.
If shyness is a problem you could invite one child at a time to your home so that she can get to know them on a one to one basis. Provide a game for them to play so that  your daughter will have a way of interacting with her playmate. If she can’t or won’t interact with other kids on a one to one basis then follow up on the testing to see if the is a problem that you are missing.
Good luck.