I Need Help With My Disrespectful Children

Dear Sara,

My two children ages seven and eleven are becoming very disrespectful. They call me names and defy my authority. I don’t know how to go about changing their behavior. My husband just laughs and thinks it’s funny. He’s not around enough to see how bad they really are. What can I do to stop this behavior?

Dear Fran,

Respect begets respect. If you speak respectfully to your children they will learn respect. Where are they learning this type of behavior? Has another adult in the family been calling you or the children’s names? These are examples that your children might follow. Please tell yourself that you are worthy of respect and as a parent, you will expect it. This is a time to use consequences for these behaviors. You have control over the things that they enjoy. You can take away things like their TV, telephone or computer privileges. Let them know ahead of time that you will give a consequence for any more disrespect. They will be very unhappy but be consistent. They need to learn that you mean business.

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  1. Punish them for disrespect. Make it fitting and stick with it. Your husband sounds like he needs some of the same treatment.

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