I Have Made a Mess of My Life…

Dear Sara,

I have made a mess of my life. I got married at age eighteen because I was pregnant. I am twenty now and I want out of my marriage.  I moved back home with my parents and it just isn’t working. My Mom thinks I’m still a child and tells me what to do all of the time. I don’t want to go back to my husband because he drinks every night and is verbally abusive. I want a divorce. I know I  married too young but now I want things to be different. I can’t support myself. What can I do?

Dear Brittany,

Right now your options are limited but you can set some goals to be self-sufficient. It could take a while for you to get the education that you need so that you can be on your own. If you divorce your husband, he will be legally obligated to support you and your child. This might not be enough for you to be independent. Do you think you can live with your parents until you get an education and are able to support yourself?  Your best bet might be to stay with your parents and work toward a two-year degree in a field where there is a demand. If you can’t afford this, look for student loans, grants, and scholarships. If you work hard, in a couple of years you could be able to support yourself. I hope your parents will be supportive. You may not like living with your parents but this may be your best option for the next couple of years.

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