I Have Baby Fever

Dear Sara,

I am single and have never been married. I would really like to have a child. I have thought about adoption or finding a sperm donor. I would not be able to quit working so I would be a working Mom and don’t know if this is fair to a child. I am almost thirty and feel like I need to do this now while I have the energy to raise a child. Do you think this is an impossible idea?

Dear Grace,

Your idea may not be impossible but you could face some problems. It’s difficult to adopt a newborn baby because so many couples want one and many unmarried girls choose to keep their babies. If you adopt an older child, they often come from dysfunctional families and have various problems. Apparently in vitro fertilization is fairly expensive and it could take several tries to get pregnant. So that is something to consider. There are many working Moms out there and they are to be admired for taking on two full-time jobs. Only you can decide what you are able to handle.

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