How To Support Daughter’s Biracial Relationship

Dear Sara,

My daughter is eighteen and a senior in high school. She has been dating since she was sixteen and has had several different boyfriends over the years. Her latest is an African American boy who is in several classes with her at school. He is smart and in the National Honor Society. I don’t have any problem with this but there are plenty of my relatives who will. I tried to explain what problems she will run into but she said she really didn’t care how anyone else feels about her relationship. I want my daughter to be happy and not faced with constant challenges. How can I help her?

The best way to help your daughter is to stand up for her and her choices when someone makes negative comments. She is obviously happy in her relationship and other peoples’ opinions don’t really matter to her. At her age, she is capable of making her own decisions. In this day and age, there is a lot less negativity regarding mixed-race relationships. This may or may not be a permanent relationship but whatever she decides your support will be really important to her.


  1. Jerry Silk says:

    It is up to her and not her family and friends. If they want to disown her then she should disown them as well and go their separate ways. It is better to never see these family members and so-called friends forever.

  2. Who cares?

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