How To Get Kids To Sleep In Their Own Bed

Dear Sara,

My four-year-old son has been sleeping in my bed since he was born. I breastfed and this was easier for me. I think it’s time for him to sleep in his own bed but he really pitches a tantrum when I insist. What’s the best way to get him to sleep in his own bed?

Dear Donna,

Think of this from your son’s point of view. He has a secure nest from the day he was born and now you are asking him to give it up. Maybe you will have to take things gradually. You might try sleeping in his “big boy” bed with him for a week or so, letting him know that “big boys” sleep in their own beds. After that try going back to your own bed after he’s asleep. If he wakes up and comes back to your bed, just go back with him and finish the night in his bed. Give him lots of praise when he can finally spend the whole night by himself. This might take several weeks but he will eventually get used to being by himself. Lots of children have a favorite blanket, stuffed animal or toy to take to bed with them. You may have been your son’s “security blanket.” Just give him plenty of time to feel secure on his own.

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  1. make his room more cosey
    walki talki or some moniter to call you as soon as he is awake or scared
    assure that you always there whenever he needs
    keep consistent sleeping routine
    reward for staying in bed

  2. Yeah, this is a mess of your own making, Lady! You SHOULD have put the kid in his OWN BED, from the time he, or she, (or “IT”, considering your choice of Identity Labels!), could fall asleep on their own. I suspect that “he” was a “Comfort Blanket” for YOU, thus you have waited too long to get him out of your bed. Now you might be wanting to expand your family now, and his being in your bed makes it awkward
    to make him a little sister! There’s fairly good advice in the initial answer to your question, but, with the NEXT kid, STOP LETTING THEM SLEEP IN YOUR BED AFTER YOU NURSE THEM! And, don’t be one of those “Public Breast Feeding Moms”, either!
    There! You’re welcome!

  3. Perhaps the issue is simple as making it appealing to go to his own bed. There are tent sheets available now where it looks like a tent and fits over a twin bed…..If he comes back to your bed make it as uncomfortable as possible…..lotsa pillows that gives him no real room to lay and insist that you must have them all to sleep…a flashlight in that twin tent and a couple books too young for him(pics that are soothing and yet remind him how big he is getting) may also reinforce his sense of security in it and keep him interested in stayin there for the night….imho

  4. Put the little bugger in his own room and let him know that this is where he belongs. If he protests, he’ll soon get over it and fall asleep. In a short while, it won’t even be an issue.

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