How Do I Protect My Sister From My Stepather?

Dear Sara,

I am eighteen years old. When I was about twelve my stepfather kept petting me and eventually put his hands inside my sweater. I told my Mom and she didn’t believe me. Things got worse and I told my Grandma and she let me come to live with her. My Mom and her husband now have a five-year-old little girl and I have seen my stepfather petting her like he used to do me. I am worried about her but I don’t know what to do.

-Big Sister

Dear Big Sister,

You might want to take your little sister out once in a while. Your Mom would probably like a free baby sitter and you would be able to form a relationship with her so that she could talk to you. If your sister tells you about anything your stepfather does to her that is sexual in nature, don’t be afraid to call Child Protective Services in your area and report him. Your Mom didn’t believe you so your little sister is unprotected.

Good luck,



  1. I am a grandmother, I think this child should be removed, immediately! Believe me it happened to me many, many years ago!
    These are scars that will live with her for the rest of her life!!!

  2. William Snead says:

    Cameras come in many forms sizes in innocuous items such as a Pen once you have video EVIDENCE then reapproach your mom about the issues and show her the video, I don’t like getting Child services involved unless there isn’t anything else! They are Getstopo your mother’s Rights and your sisters Rights will be violated trust me been there and I wasn’t the offender! However in Today’s culture with just accusing a man can cause permanent damage, you will be better able to prove the case with video and audio! Praying this is resolved quickly I cannot stand PEDOPHILES and if I could once convicted execute them and drop them in unmarked graves. Also I hope that you don’t have a DEMOCRATIC judge cause of the Pandora’s box that the LGBTQRIPT community has opened!

  3. Call CPS NOW! Don’t let him do anything further with your sister. Do it NOW!

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